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– Votsalo Spa and beauty salon with different treatments (additional charge)
– Health Club : Heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Fitness room, Sauna and Steam bath (reservation required).

APIVITA and VOTSALO SPA have created a place of relaxation and rejuvenation where you can escape the fast pace of city life and give yourself the time and attention you deserve.

We believe that good health depends greatly on having a positive mood and outlook. A balance of body, mind and spirit becomes possible by adopting a holistic approach towards health and beauty and respecting the body’s needs and natural rhythms.

APIVITA is based on the philosophy of Hippocrates, who first introduced a holistic approach to health by showing us the need to live in harmony with nature. Hippocrates was one of the first western doctors to recognize the importance of essential oils and massage as an effective method of healing. He also emphasized the importance of a healthy and balanced diet in preventing and treating disease.

APIVITA implements this holistic approach to health by personalizing treatments and respecting the individual needs of the customer. The inspiration for the products comes from bee derivatives (honey, propolis, royal jelly) and the power of 100% pure essential oils. The cosmetics contain titrated plant extracts from the rich Greek flora and ingredients inspired by Greek and Mediterranean nutrition. Green tea water constitutes the basis for all APIVITA products and, combined with the principles of aromatherapy, APIVITA and VOTSALO SPA deliver unique face and body treatments that are essential for the beauty and health of the skin. 

Experience the unique gifts of Greek nature, transformed into exclusive therapies. Set within Blue Lagoon Resort, the glamorous VOTSALO SPA offers an unparalleled balance between nature and scientific expertise with treatments designed by APIVITA. The celebrated Greek-aromatherapy company 

APIVITA uses these unique products along with fruit vitamins, essential oils, trace elements, fibres, herbs and Aegean seaweeds to create –especially for VOTSALO SPA- the finest beauty treatments that rejuvenate, illuminate and nourish the skin, revive the senses and enable you to recover a total sense of well-being.

For reservations and requests spa@bluelagoonocean.gr

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